Amor Fati

Composed in 2013
Duration: 8"
for string orchestra ( minimum)
Premiere performance: March, 2015 in Stamps Rectial Hall in Ann Arbor, Michigan
Purchase score and parts: $20 PDF/$30 Hard copy

Program Note:
Amor Fati is a Latin term that roughly translates to "a love of ones fate."  It is embodied in an individual who has found acceptance for all situations in life, triumphant or tragic.  This piece takes inspiration with the term in the fashion of an intense chase with fate.  Brief moments of respite are bookended by fast, energetic music which at times evoke a sense of trying to outrun itself and at other times seems to revel in the intensity.  In somewhat a lighthearted manner, it is this wrestling with fate that charges the work, as it tries to achieve a sort of Amor Fati.